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A Lesson from Levin

ShareI had the pleasure of joining Senator Carl Levin  for breakfast recently.  It was a great honor to be in the presence of the senior Senator from Michigan.  I learned a lot about Washington politics that morning, and I also learned something … Continue reading

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Collective Bargaining Wins on MLK Day

Share Collective bargaining has been demonized and weakened by Michigan Republicans in the past year.  In fact, Republicans seemed poised to try to kill collective bargaining all together this year with “right-to-work” legislation.  However, collective bargaining continues to prove that it works, … Continue reading

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Republicans Use “Guiding Principles” Publication to Slam Teachers Again.

Share If you read the House Republican’s Guiding Principles publication, you will see the words “job” or “jobs” fifty-one times.  Republicans claim they are “looking out for the job seeker and the job creator.”  If you move to the education section, the tone changes.  … Continue reading

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Michigan Needs a Graduated Income Tax

Share  It is 2012, a new tax year, and in Michigan the beginning of a free ride for two thirds of businesses in Michigan.  Thanks to Governor Snyder, and his fellow business owners, I mean Republicans, only businesses organized as “C” corporations will have to pay … Continue reading

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