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Yes, They Really are Stupid!

Share A number of times lately someone has said to me “either these Republicans are really smart or really stupid.”  I think the latter is far more likely.  I’d like to introduce two pieces of evidence to support the case … Continue reading

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Prohibiting Dues Deduction Could Prove Costly for Students

Share I recently provided  proof that Public Act 53, which prevents school employees from having their union dues deducted by their employer, is nothing more than a political attack on teachers’ unions.  While Governor Snyder said the purpose of the bill is to make sure public education … Continue reading

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Fixing Schools: Stop Attacking the Adults and Start Helping the Kids

ShareWhen teachers push back against Republican school “reforms,” Republicans like to say “this isn’t about the adults.”  Yet all the Republican “reforms” seem to be targeted at teachers (the adults) rather than at the students (the kids).  Taking away a teacher’s job security, by essentially eliminating seniority … Continue reading

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The Most Ridiculous Report of the Year- ALEC’s Report Card on American Education

Share My very first blog post was an analysis of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) 15th and 16th Report Card on American Education.  I was inspired to begin blogging after Governor Snyder used ALEC’s faulty metrics to belittle our education system during … Continue reading

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Collective Bargaining Wins on MLK Day

Share Collective bargaining has been demonized and weakened by Michigan Republicans in the past year.  In fact, Republicans seemed poised to try to kill collective bargaining all together this year with “right-to-work” legislation.  However, collective bargaining continues to prove that it works, … Continue reading

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Republicans Use “Guiding Principles” Publication to Slam Teachers Again.

Share If you read the House Republican’s Guiding Principles publication, you will see the words “job” or “jobs” fifty-one times.  Republicans claim they are “looking out for the job seeker and the job creator.”  If you move to the education section, the tone changes.  … Continue reading

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The Problem with Prisoners vs. Students.

Share Last May Ithica Public School’s Superintendent Nathan Bootz wrote a letter to Governor Snyder that was printed in the Gratiot County Hearld.  Someone copied that letter into an email and soon after it went viral.  Mr. Bootz’s letter was discussed in the traditional media and also in many … Continue reading

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What He Said!

ShareIn a previous post, I discussed 102nd Representative Phil Potvin’s blow-up printed in the Big Rapids Pioneer.  Jim Crees, the editor of the Osceola Edition of the Pioneer, took offense to Potvin’s bullying of teachers in a very well written editorial.  Thankfully, Mr. Cress gave me permission to … Continue reading

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Kids are Collateral Damage in Mackinac Center’s War.

ShareThe Mackinac Center for Public Policy publishes “The Michigan Capitol Confidential” and has the nerve to call it “news.”  A recent edition praises the Snyder tax cut that eliminates the “horrible” Michigan Business Tax.  However, the Mackinac Center is now trying to convince the legislature that they … Continue reading

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The Truth Be Known

ShareThe truth has a way of finding its way to the surface.  Sometimes it just kind of pops out, defying the lips of its keeper.  Sometimes it takes a twist of fate to free it.  Recently, the truth has surfaced in … Continue reading

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