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Attorney General Bill Schutte Sides With Billionaire Vegas Casino Magnate Over Michigan Workers.

ShareI couldn’t watch the World Series, the local news, or even show my two-year-old daughter the Gummy Bear Song on YouTube without seeing Attorney General Bill Schutte’s face.  Schutte is the front man in an advertisement that urges us to vote no on Proposal 2, … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Irony? The Detroit Free Press Supports Law It Calls “Undemocratic.”

ShareThe Detroit Free Press (DFP) released its recommendations for voting on the statewide ballot proposals.  They say voters should “keep one, discard five.”  However, their rationale can best be described as a joke.   Here is why. On Proposal 1,  the DFP suggests a … Continue reading

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Representative Potvin’s Business Buried “Hazardous Waste” Near City’s Well Field

ShareRepresentative Phil Potvin, like many Republican politicians, likes to highlight his business experience when running for office.  Potvin’s father James co-founded Western Concrete in 1946.  James Potvin ran Western Concrete until the mid-1980’s when Phil took over.  Under Phil’s leadership at Western Concrete the company effectively went out of business. Potvin’s … Continue reading

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Anti-Collective Bargaining Group Defies Spirit of Campaign Finance Laws

ShareThe anti-collective bargaining group Protecting Michigan Taxpayers (PMT) has sent out some outlandish information regarding Proposal 2.  Proposal 2 would guarantee collective bargaining rights in the Michigan Constitution should voters approve it in November.  PMT’s advertisements falsely claim that collective bargaining rights could “prohibit schools from … Continue reading

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