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Forget Roads or Schools, Michigan’s Surplus is Going to Businesses According to State Rep.

ShareRepresentative Phil Potvin, of the 102nd district, appeared earlier this month on the WCMU program Capitol Report.  When host David Nichols asked where Michigan’s 975 million dollar surplus was going to be spent, Potvin might have shared something Republicans don’t want you to know. … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Economic Policies are Working. Billionaires’ Income up 22%

ShareHas your income risen 22% in the past year?  Or has it risen less than 2% like the average Michigander?  If you are in the latter category, have you considered being a billionaire?  According to Forbes’ 28th Annual World’s Billionaire List, Michigan’s 11 … Continue reading

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Governor Snyder Setting up Engler Style Tax Bomb

ShareJohn Engler, former Michigan Governor and current Washington lobbyist, includes among his successes cutting taxes 32 times “saving taxpayers nearly $32 billion.” At least six of those cuts lowered the Single Business Tax rate, a tax Governor Snyder eliminated all together.  Engler was able … Continue reading

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Fixing the Roads: The Issues, the Numbers, and Why Schools are Being Dragged Into the Mess

ShareA recent town hall meeting on road funding in Wexford County revealed a lot about the condition of our roads.  It also revealed the most likely scenario for funding ongoing road repairs. County Road Association of Michigan Deputy Director Ed Noyola set the … Continue reading

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Michigan’s Poor and Middle Class are Disproportionately Burdened with Taxes. Snyder’s Road Bill Would Add to the Problem.

ShareMichigan has a fairly regressive tax rate.  According to data from The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), the bottom 80% of Michiganders pay almost 10% of their income in taxes while the top 20% only pay about 7% of their … Continue reading

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Yes, They Really are Stupid!

Share A number of times lately someone has said to me “either these Republicans are really smart or really stupid.”  I think the latter is far more likely.  I’d like to introduce two pieces of evidence to support the case … Continue reading

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Connect Four: Rick Snyder, The Poor, Bible Verses, & Tax Breaks

Share There are over 100 references in the bible about caring for the poor.  One that seems to fit Michigan’s current political climate comes from Proverbs 22:16.  “He who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and he who gives gifts … Continue reading

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Fixing Schools: Stop Attacking the Adults and Start Helping the Kids

ShareWhen teachers push back against Republican school “reforms,” Republicans like to say “this isn’t about the adults.”  Yet all the Republican “reforms” seem to be targeted at teachers (the adults) rather than at the students (the kids).  Taking away a teacher’s job security, by essentially eliminating seniority … Continue reading

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Michigan Needs a Graduated Income Tax

Share  It is 2012, a new tax year, and in Michigan the beginning of a free ride for two thirds of businesses in Michigan.  Thanks to Governor Snyder, and his fellow business owners, I mean Republicans, only businesses organized as “C” corporations will have to pay … Continue reading

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The Children are Leaving, the Children are Leaving!

ShareGovernor Snyder, and his town criers (a.k.a. your elected officials), tell us that one of their top priorities is to stop college graduates from leaving the state.  In 2007, the last year I could find hard data on, the state lost about … Continue reading

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