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Gun Toting Conservative has Best Response to Auto Repair Bigot’s Rant

ShareBy now you may have read the bigoted remarks of Brian Klawiter who owns a diesel repair shop in Grandville called DieselTec.  Klawiter went off on his company’s Facebook page saying because he is a Christian he would . . . “not hesitate to refuse … Continue reading

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Harbaugh’s Contract an Example of Gender Discrimination in College Coaching

ShareHuman beings are great at justifying pretty much any belief they have.  For instance, both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution were used to justify the continuation of slavery in the United States.  Likewise, people seem quick to justify multi-million dollar college … Continue reading

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State Rep Uses the Pledge of Allegiance to Justify Discrimination Against LGBT People

SharePhil Potvin, Republican Representative of the 102nd District, is a “fortunate son” of a successful businessman.  To further borrow from the lyrics of the Credence Clearwater Revival hit, Potvin seems “born to wave the flag.”  In fact, Potvin likes the flag so … Continue reading

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