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What He Said!

ShareIn a previous post, I discussed 102nd Representative Phil Potvin’s blow-up printed in the Big Rapids Pioneer.  Jim Crees, the editor of the Osceola Edition of the Pioneer, took offense to Potvin’s bullying of teachers in a very well written editorial.  Thankfully, Mr. Cress gave me permission to … Continue reading

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Burning on Biggby Coffee & Snyder’s Tax Giveaways

ShareI was driving through Grand Rapids and noticed a new Biggby Coffee billboard.  The billboard says something like “maybe you’ve heard, Biggby Coffe is accepting new franchise locations.”  While I’m a big fan of Michigan businesses, I am not a fan of Biggby Coffee.  Here is why. You may remember that … Continue reading

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Kids are Collateral Damage in Mackinac Center’s War.

ShareThe Mackinac Center for Public Policy publishes “The Michigan Capitol Confidential” and has the nerve to call it “news.”  A recent edition praises the Snyder tax cut that eliminates the “horrible” Michigan Business Tax.  However, the Mackinac Center is now trying to convince the legislature that they … Continue reading

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