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Prohibiting Dues Deduction Could Prove Costly for Students

Share I recently provided  proof that Public Act 53, which prevents school employees from having their union dues deducted by their employer, is nothing more than a political attack on teachers’ unions.  While Governor Snyder said the purpose of the bill is to make sure public education … Continue reading

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Rick Snyder is Just Another Fat Cat Politician. Here is Proof.

Share The signing of House Bill 4929 is proof positive that our Governor is just another politician.  The bill prohibits school districts from automatically deducting teacher’s union dues.  Since the process is automated, the bill does not save money.  Republicans defeated an amendment to the bill that would have allowed … Continue reading

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Pension Envy

Share Pensions are going the way of the dodo bird.  Soon they might be a fond memory like Thanksgiving at grandma’s house.  Ford, which has new employees on a defined contribution plan (401K), wants to get rid of pensions so … Continue reading

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Parody: Rick Snyder vs. The Teacher


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Republicans Pass De Facto “Right to Work” for School Employees

Share  Today the House and the Senate passed House Bill 4929 which will prohibit the “use of public school resources to assist a labor organization in collecting dues.”  They passed the bill even though the House Fiscal Agency (H.F.A.) said the bill will … Continue reading

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