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State Rep Uses the Pledge of Allegiance to Justify Discrimination Against LGBT People

SharePhil Potvin, Republican Representative of the 102nd District, is a “fortunate son” of a successful businessman.  To further borrow from the lyrics of the Credence Clearwater Revival hit, Potvin seems “born to wave the flag.”  In fact, Potvin likes the flag so … Continue reading

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Representative Potvin’s Business Claims are Misleading at Best

ShareAnyone remember when Notre Dame hired George O’Leary as their football coach and then fired him five days later for falsifying his resume?  Well, State Representative Phil Potvin and O’Leary seem to have more in common than just being Catholic.  Phil Potvin’s official … Continue reading

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Republican Mailing Uses Fake Michigan Family to Claim They Support Education

ShareState Representative Phil Potvin’s mailer arrived in my mailbox today.  Potvin’s letter touts the Republicans’ commitment to education.  It was a bit like getting a mailer from PETA saying they support the meat packing industry!  I’ve seen firsthand the Republicans’ commitment to education when I saw … Continue reading

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Forget Roads or Schools, Michigan’s Surplus is Going to Businesses According to State Rep.

ShareRepresentative Phil Potvin, of the 102nd district, appeared earlier this month on the WCMU program Capitol Report.  When host David Nichols asked where Michigan’s 975 million dollar surplus was going to be spent, Potvin might have shared something Republicans don’t want you to know. … Continue reading

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State Rep Says Employees Can Raise the Minimum Wage By Working Harder and Faster

ShareState Representative Phil Potvin is known for saying dumb things.  So it is no surprise that his answer to 7&4 News reporter Nathan Edward’s questions on raising the minimum wage left a lot to be desired.  Edwards asked Potvin how much the cost … Continue reading

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State Rep. Bizzare Response Says Teachers Not Subject to Right to Work

ShareVice President Joe Biden is often called a “gaffe-machine.”  Here in Michigan we have our own gaffe master in Representative Phil Potvin.  Potvin represents the 102nd district which runs up the 131 corridor from Big Rapids through Reed City, Cadillac, and ends … Continue reading

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Michigan Populists’ Top 5 Threats to Democracy in 2013

Share2013 Ranking (2012 Ranking) 1. (not listed) Governor Richard Snyder- It is one thing to be eccentric (call it a nerd if you want).  It is quite another to completely disregard this crucial fact; government is not a business.  States are democratic institutions.  Businesses … Continue reading

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Representative Potvin’s Business Buried “Hazardous Waste” Near City’s Well Field

ShareRepresentative Phil Potvin, like many Republican politicians, likes to highlight his business experience when running for office.  Potvin’s father James co-founded Western Concrete in 1946.  James Potvin ran Western Concrete until the mid-1980’s when Phil took over.  Under Phil’s leadership at Western Concrete the company effectively went out of business. Potvin’s … Continue reading

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Republicans Use “Guiding Principles” Publication to Slam Teachers Again.

Share If you read the House Republican’s Guiding Principles publication, you will see the words “job” or “jobs” fifty-one times.  Republicans claim they are “looking out for the job seeker and the job creator.”  If you move to the education section, the tone changes.  … Continue reading

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What He Said!

ShareIn a previous post, I discussed 102nd Representative Phil Potvin’s blow-up printed in the Big Rapids Pioneer.  Jim Crees, the editor of the Osceola Edition of the Pioneer, took offense to Potvin’s bullying of teachers in a very well written editorial.  Thankfully, Mr. Cress gave me permission to … Continue reading

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