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The Truth Be Known

ShareThe truth has a way of finding its way to the surface.  Sometimes it just kind of pops out, defying the lips of its keeper.  Sometimes it takes a twist of fate to free it.  Recently, the truth has surfaced in … Continue reading

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Dread Scott!

ShareIt is not uncommon to hear a teacher complaining about the Michigan Education Association (MEA) and their lack of support for Republican candidates for office.  A good number of teachers have a hard time getting behind the MEA just for that reason.  After all, … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Education (Read DeVos) Project

ShareIn a recent post, I questioned why the Chamber of Commerce would donate to a pro school privatization group called the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).  I first noticed the GLEP when I was researching contributions to my state Senator Darwin Booher, who I classify … Continue reading

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WWYD about the Budget?

ShareFor the most part, Michigan Republicans have been able to put up a united front.  In fact, if you have talked to one, you have talked to them all.  One common line is “what would you do about the deficit?”  … Continue reading

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Breaking Down (and Apart) Snyder’s Plan for Education.

ShareIf you you haven’t read Governor Snyder’s plan for public education, you should.  Some people believe Governor Snyder is an expert on education because he holds several degrees.  However, none of those degrees are in the field of teaching or … Continue reading

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Politic$ is not a Local Affair.

ShareTip O’Neil said “all politics is local.”  I tend to disagree.  After all, I keep hearing the question “why aren’t our representatives listening to us?”  If you want the answer, you should look through the campaign finance database at the Michigan Department of State.  There you will be … Continue reading

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Is the Chamber of Commerce Against Public Schools?

ShareWe have all heard the saying “follow the money.”  So what does it mean that the Michigan Chamber of Commerce gave $75,000 to the Great Lakes Education Project  (GLEP) in 2010?  Sure $75,000 isn’t as much money as the $125,000 that … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Plan for Public Schools Defies Voters Wishes

ShareIn November of 2000, Michiganders went to the polls like they do every November to exercise their democratic right to vote.  Most will remember that election as the one where Al Gore got more votes in Michigan, and throughout the United States, … Continue reading

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