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Seven Reasons why Betsy DeVos is a Horrific Choice for Secretary of Education

Share Embed from Getty Images 1. Betsy DeVos has never worked in a public school, has never attended a public school, and has never sent her kids to a public school according to an excellent article by Newsweek entitled Betsy … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Economic Policies are Working. Billionaires’ Income up 22%

ShareHas your income risen 22% in the past year?  Or has it risen less than 2% like the average Michigander?  If you are in the latter category, have you considered being a billionaire?  According to Forbes’ 28th Annual World’s Billionaire List, Michigan’s 11 … Continue reading

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George Bush/Dick DeVos Charter School Fundraiser Highlights Disturbing Future of Public Schools

ShareGeorge W. Bush and school privatization advocate Dick DeVos teamed up to raise over $400,000 for the West Michigan Aviation Academy this week.  West Michigan Aviation Academy (WMAA) is a public charter high school that already receives more money per pupil from the state than 511 of Michigan’s … Continue reading

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No Foolin’: Mackinac Center Wants to Create a Second Class of Teachers

ShareThe Mackinac Center continues to put forth wild ideas in the name of “free market” and “limited government.”  Churning out propaganda paid for by the super rich Dick DeVos’ of the world wouldn’t be a problem if our inept state legislators were smart enough to … Continue reading

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Michigan Populists’ Top 5 Threats to Democracy in 2013

Share2013 Ranking (2012 Ranking) 1. (not listed) Governor Richard Snyder- It is one thing to be eccentric (call it a nerd if you want).  It is quite another to completely disregard this crucial fact; government is not a business.  States are democratic institutions.  Businesses … Continue reading

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Attorney General Bill Schutte Sides With Billionaire Vegas Casino Magnate Over Michigan Workers.

ShareI couldn’t watch the World Series, the local news, or even show my two-year-old daughter the Gummy Bear Song on YouTube without seeing Attorney General Bill Schutte’s face.  Schutte is the front man in an advertisement that urges us to vote no on Proposal 2, … Continue reading

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Anti-Collective Bargaining Group Defies Spirit of Campaign Finance Laws

ShareThe anti-collective bargaining group Protecting Michigan Taxpayers (PMT) has sent out some outlandish information regarding Proposal 2.  Proposal 2 would guarantee collective bargaining rights in the Michigan Constitution should voters approve it in November.  PMT’s advertisements falsely claim that collective bargaining rights could “prohibit schools from … Continue reading

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The Usual Suspects

ShareSomeone who follows Michigan politics but doesn’t watch Off the Record is akin to a sports fan that doesn’t watch Sportscenter. In the July 29th edition of the show, host Tim Skubick discussed the Representative Paul Scott recall effort. Representative … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Education (Read DeVos) Project

ShareIn a recent post, I questioned why the Chamber of Commerce would donate to a pro school privatization group called the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).  I first noticed the GLEP when I was researching contributions to my state Senator Darwin Booher, who I classify … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Plan for Public Schools Defies Voters Wishes

ShareIn November of 2000, Michiganders went to the polls like they do every November to exercise their democratic right to vote.  Most will remember that election as the one where Al Gore got more votes in Michigan, and throughout the United States, … Continue reading

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