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Burning on Biggby Coffee & Snyder’s Tax Giveaways

ShareI was driving through Grand Rapids and noticed a new Biggby Coffee billboard.  The billboard says something like “maybe you’ve heard, Biggby Coffe is accepting new franchise locations.”  While I’m a big fan of Michigan businesses, I am not a fan of Biggby Coffee.  Here is why. You may remember that … Continue reading

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WWYD about the Budget?

ShareFor the most part, Michigan Republicans have been able to put up a united front.  In fact, if you have talked to one, you have talked to them all.  One common line is “what would you do about the deficit?”  … Continue reading

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Business Climate in Michigan not as Bad as Republicans Advertise

ShareJase Bolger, the Michigan Speaker of the House, is one of many politicians who are deceiving Michiganders on the business climate in Michigan.  In Bolger’s recent Detroit Free Press Commentary, he said that Michigan is ranked 48th in “corporate tax … Continue reading

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