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Republican Legislator Admits Targeting Teachers Which Could Violate the U.S. Constitution

ShareIn 2011, Republicans dealt a serious blow to the collective bargaining process by passing a law (Public Act 4152 of 2011) that said state employees cannot get retroactive pay when a contract is settled.  This law essentially created an incentive … Continue reading

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Chamber President Slams Schools, Says Remediated Students Should Be Able To Sue

ShareLocal school districts and local businesses are typically die hard supporters of each other. However, the organization that represents many of these local businesses at the state level, the Chamber of Commerce, is not a supporter of public schools.  Rich Studley, the President of the Michigan … Continue reading

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Michigan Populists’ Top 5 Threats to Democracy in 2013

Share2013 Ranking (2012 Ranking) 1. (not listed) Governor Richard Snyder- It is one thing to be eccentric (call it a nerd if you want).  It is quite another to completely disregard this crucial fact; government is not a business.  States are democratic institutions.  Businesses … Continue reading

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Ten Telling Quotes from the Right-To-Work Blitzkrieg

ShareFrom the State House: 1. Democratic Representative Brandon Dillon of Grand Rapids spoke up in opposition of the legislation that Republicans are trying to rename “Freedom to Work.”  He called the legislation “Freedom to Freeload” and expounded by saying “with this bill, allowing people to benefit … Continue reading

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Attorney General Bill Schutte Sides With Billionaire Vegas Casino Magnate Over Michigan Workers.

ShareI couldn’t watch the World Series, the local news, or even show my two-year-old daughter the Gummy Bear Song on YouTube without seeing Attorney General Bill Schutte’s face.  Schutte is the front man in an advertisement that urges us to vote no on Proposal 2, … Continue reading

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Is the Chamber of Commerce Against Public Schools?

ShareWe have all heard the saying “follow the money.”  So what does it mean that the Michigan Chamber of Commerce gave $75,000 to the Great Lakes Education Project  (GLEP) in 2010?  Sure $75,000 isn’t as much money as the $125,000 that … Continue reading

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