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Former DTE Lobbyist Now Powerful Person in Michigan K-12 Education

ShareSix months ago Naif (Nick) Khouri was the Senior Vice President, and a registered lobbyist, for DTE Energy.  That’s good work if you can get it.  Khouri was able to cash in over $700,000 in DTE stocks in the past 18 months, … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Why Snyder is not Running for President is Hilarious!

ShareGovernor Rick Snyder recently declared he is not running for president.  While he has said he is not running because wants to focus his attention on Michigan, there is probably another, more likely, reason.  That reason can be found in his … Continue reading

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Proposal 1: The Devil You Know is Better Than the Devil You Don’t Know.

ShareThere is a lot not to like about Proposal 1, which is why polling suggests it could go down in flames. When Republicans recklessly cut business taxes by 1.6 billion, it was just a matter of time before someone had … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to Vote for Michigan’s own Joshua Davis on The Voice

ShareHere are five reasons to vote for Michigan’s own Joshua Davis who is in the top 8 on The Voice. 1.  Joshua Davis has more hometowns than Mitt Romney, but they’re all in Michigan!  Davis was born in Marquette and … Continue reading

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After Four Years of Blogging, is it Time to Stop?

ShareFour years and no scores ago I posted my first article on this blog.  A lot has changed since then.  I have a third kid in tow, a larger yard to mow, and I’ve pretty much let my physical fitness … Continue reading

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Gun Toting Conservative has Best Response to Auto Repair Bigot’s Rant

ShareBy now you may have read the bigoted remarks of Brian Klawiter who owns a diesel repair shop in Grandville called DieselTec.  Klawiter went off on his company’s Facebook page saying because he is a Christian he would . . . “not hesitate to refuse … Continue reading

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Ask the Dow Foundation to Stop Funding the Mackinac Center’s Education Research

ShareThe Mackinac Center for Public Policy has released a statement announcing that the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation (Dow Foundation) has given them one million dollars for “supporting research to help public schools become more responsive, measurable and efficient.”  Grace A. Dow, wife … Continue reading

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Fore! GVSU Charter Office Spends Your School Tax Dollars on Golf Outings

ShareMichigan charter schools are required by law to have an authorizer.  According to the law, “the authorizing body is responsible for overseeing compliance by the board of directors with the contract and all applicable law.”  To provide this oversight, the … Continue reading

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Mackinac Center Criticizes MEA Raises After Giving Their President An 18% Raise

ShareThe conservative “think tank” Mackinac Center For Public Policy just issued a new report called “MEA Executives Take Big Pay Raises While Liabilities Continue to Grow.”  The Detroit Free Press liked it so much they made it into an article of their own and … Continue reading

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How One of Governor Snyder’s 51 Executive Orders Hampered Charities

ShareOh how conservatives have taken to bashing President Obama for taking executive action on immigration.  Even Saturday Night Live poked fun at Obama for using an executive order instead of waiting for Congress to pass a bill, which many believe … Continue reading

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