Five Reasons to Vote for Michigan’s own Joshua Davis on The Voice

Here are five reasons to vote for Michigan’s own Joshua Davis who is in the top 8 on The Voice.

1.  Joshua Davis has more hometowns than Mitt Romney, but they’re all in Michigan!  Davis was born in Marquette and spent many of his summers there.  He grew up in Oak Park giving him the kind of suburban Detroit “cred” that Kid Rock brags about.  Davis went to college in East Lansing and honed some of his skills playing weekly in a band there.  Davis  now lives in Traverse City.  He has played in many of the big towns and small towns in between his hometowns and yours.

2.  Joshua Davis believes in collective bargaining.  He introduces his song “Working Man’s Hymn” with a shout-out to those who are fighting for those rights here in Michigan.  By the way, “Working Man’s Hymn” might be Davis’ best song.  Check out the song below.

3. Joshua Davis has some great insight into the Israeli Palestine conflict.  Davis is half Jewish.  He visited Israel when he was younger and more recently he traveled to Palestine as a “cultural emissary.”  He wrote a whole album about the experience and gave a Ted-X talk about it too.  Both his music and his talk are really enlightening, especially for those of us who have never visited either Israel or Palestine.

4. Joshua Davis has a lot of courage.  Most of us are afraid to strike out and chase our dreams the way Davis has.  Davis has been a full-time musician since graduating college.   His appearance on The Voice is just another step in his journey.  The guy is pretty gutsy!

5. Joshua Davis is more talented than the rest of the singers in the Voice’s top 8.   Depending on your taste in music, you may think there are more talented singers left in the contest.  However, none of them can play guitar the way Davis can, and none of them have written the kind of songs Davis has.  His choice of genres is out of the mainstream, but his talent is out of this world.

Check out the official #davisnation page to find out all the ways you can vote.

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