After Four Years of Blogging, is it Time to Stop?

Four years and no scores ago I posted my first article on this blog.  A lot has changed since then.  I have a third kid in tow, a larger yard to mow, and I’ve pretty much let my physical fitness completely go.

While my life changed before my eyes, the political landscape hasn’t change much at all. Governor Snyder is still in office and his policies still favor the elite over the working class.  He is still stealing money from public schools by transferring school aid money to the general fund.  Despite blogging, writing letters to the editor, writing letters to my representatives, protesting, networking, knocking doors, and crying in the fetal position, not much has changed.

There have been good things that have come from all this blogging.  I had a post that was shared over 8,000 times, and that was a pretty good feeling.  Sometimes people reach out to thank me for putting into words what they are thinking, and I appreciate those conversations.  My trip to Netroots Nation last summer allowed me to meet cool activists and bloggers like Chris Savage at Ecletablog.  It also gave me an opportunity to meet U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Michigan Senator Gretchen Whitmer.  These are two of the most capable and charismatic people on the progressive team.  I hope someday to see them leading their respective executive branches.

In the past four years I’ve also seen several good progressive blogs come and go.  I think I know why these blogs die nearly as fast as the Mayfly.  It is hard to find time to research and write.  It’s hard to find the energy.  Most bloggers aren’t even able to cover their expenses with their blogs ads.  Then there is a chance that their employer, or a potential employer, won’t approve of them making so much political noise.  There is also the potential for a combination of all the aforementioned.

So at the four year point, I know I’m not done quite yet.  I have several posts in the pipeline about the shortcoming of for-profit charter schools.  I have more to say about employers paying a living wage and consumers helping those efforts by buying local.  But at some point, I might run out of energy, or I just might run out of topics that haven’t been regurgitated like so many Mayflys from mother Robin to her baby.  Maybe instead of writing I’ll figure out a more effective way to promote change in the political landscape. Whatever the case may be, when the time comes, I’ll make like Forest Gump and just stop. I’ll let you know when that time is.  For the moment though, please keep reading.  I appreciate you giving me a few moments of your day, and I’ll try to make it worth your time.


Chad Phillips


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