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This post contains a reference to the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).

Four Ways Meijer is Morphing into Walmart (Including Donating to Privatize Your School)

ShareThere are a lot of reasons to choose Meijer over WalMart.  Meijer is based in Michigan rather than Arkansas.  Meijer is still a private business, 13th largest in the U.S according to Forbes, instead of a heartless corporation.  Some of Meijer’s workers are organized … Continue reading

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Michigan Populist’s Top 5 Threats to Democracy in 2012

Share1. The Republican Supermajority- Our government was set up to have checks and balances.  When one party, especially if it is lead by an extreme element in that party, takes power of all the branches of Government, there are no checks or … Continue reading

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Banned by the Cadillac News!

ShareI live just outside Cadillac.  I grew up there, went to high school there, and spend most of my money there.  I am a subscriber and avid reader of the Cadillac News.  The Cadillac News does a great job of … Continue reading

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The Usual Suspects

ShareSomeone who follows Michigan politics but doesn’t watch Off the Record is akin to a sports fan that doesn’t watch Sportscenter. In the July 29th edition of the show, host Tim Skubick discussed the Representative Paul Scott recall effort. Representative … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Education (Read DeVos) Project

ShareIn a recent post, I questioned why the Chamber of Commerce would donate to a pro school privatization group called the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP).  I first noticed the GLEP when I was researching contributions to my state Senator Darwin Booher, who I classify … Continue reading

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