Looking out for #1. Legislators Spending an Additional 4.7 Million at the Capitol in 2014


Photo Credit: Chad Phillips

Michigan Republicans are once again taking care of #1.  In March they increased spending on Capitol Police by 1.7 million dollars despite the fact that the Capitol Building is one of the safest places in the state.  This month they passed a budget that includes an additional 3 million dollars for renovations to the Capitol Building.   Altogether the fiscal conservatives are spending 4.7 million additional dollars in 2014 to make sure they are comfortable at work.  Meanwhile, no money has been allocated to increase police presence in schools or to make school entrances safer despite calls to do so.  As you drive down a pothole ridden road to drop your kids off at their unsecure school, you should feel good knowing that your state legislature will be comfortable the entire 86 days they are in session this year.
Update: According to the TV show Off the Record, the chairs may be replaced at the Capitol Building for about $900 a piece!

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