Republican Mailing Uses Fake Michigan Family to Claim They Support Education

State Representative Phil Potvin’s mailer arrived in my mailbox today.  Potvin’s letter touts the Republicans’ commitment to education.  It was a bit like getting a mailer from PETA saying they support the meat packing industry!  I’ve seen firsthand the Republicans’ commitment to education when I saw elementary students have their school close and lose their physical education classes all at the same time.  I saw the Republicans’ commitment to education when class sizes were increased and summer school opportunities for struggling learners were eliminated.   I saw the Republicans’ commitment to education when cherished extra-curricular activities were cut.  I saw all of that in just one of the districts that Representative Potvin represents.  These types of cuts have been happening in districts all around the state.   Don’t believe me?  Go to the Kids Not CEOs website created by the Michigan Education Association to see the amount of money each school district has lost since Governor Snyder took office in 2011.  If you think that website is too biased, type “school cuts” into a Google search and then add any Michigan school district to the search box and you are sure to find plenty of stories of valuable programs being cut from whichever school district you type in.
mailerDespite the Republicans’ attack on education, Potvin’s mailer says he sees “a brighter future for Michgian families.” Right under those empty words is a picture of a very attractive family.  You can also find that same family on a website for a Montessori school in Idaho, a dentist office in Tennessee, and on a blog page from who the heck knows where.  It appears that the Republicans’ rhetoric is so outrageously false that they cannot even get a real Michigan family to pose for their propaganda!  A new day, a new low.

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