Wait and See Equals Apathy!

Michael Flanagan, the State Superintendent of Schools, made an interesting comment according to a Kalamazoo Gazette article.  He said “Let’s put the slings and arrows away,” and “Let’s stop circling the wagons and shooting in.”  This was in reference to the mobilization that is taking place against Governor Snyder and the Republican agenda.  Mr. Flanagan seems to be joining the Republicans in asking us to take a wait and see approach.  The fallacy is that somehow if we wait and see, something good will come.  When you don’t agree with even the most moderate of the Governor’s and Legislature’s proposals, why should you wait and see which bad plan gets enacted?  If we are apathetic and sit on our hands until a plan is passed, will we somehow be able to change it when we find it is just as bad as we expected?  Let me put it another way.  If Osama bin Laden sent us a message today and said we will soon attack you in one of the following 10 ways, would we wait and see which way he attacked us?  Absolutely not!  While the Snyder regime isn’t waging a military style attack on Michigan, they are waging an economic assault on the American way of life.
NOTE: Five days after I posted this the U.S. military killed bin Laden after nearly 10 years on the run.  That was odd timing.

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