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Seven Reasons why Betsy DeVos is a Horrific Choice for Secretary of Education

Share Embed from Getty Images 1. Betsy DeVos has never worked in a public school, has never attended a public school, and has never sent her kids to a public school according to an excellent article by Newsweek entitled Betsy … Continue reading

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Michigan Band Releases Pro-Teacher Economic & Social Justice Song

ShareThe Muteflutes are a Michigan Indie Folk Rock band out of the Grand Rapids area.  In 2014, this blog recognized them for writing one of the 5 best contemporary economic justice songs.  More significantly, the Muteflutes won a 2015 Jammie … Continue reading

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Harbaugh’s Contract an Example of Gender Discrimination in College Coaching

ShareHuman beings are great at justifying pretty much any belief they have.  For instance, both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution were used to justify the continuation of slavery in the United States.  Likewise, people seem quick to justify multi-million dollar college … Continue reading

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