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Corporate Lobbyist/Former Governor Engler Makes Outragous Comment About Public School Teachers

ShareFormer Governor, and current corporate lobbyist, John Engler is once again in the Michigan news.  The Detroit Free Press asked Enlger, who signed Michigan’s first charter school law, his opinion about the unflattering revelations by a Detroit Free Press expose’ on charters.  Engler quickly changed the … Continue reading

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The Most Abusurd Thing About the EAA Spending Spree

ShareThe Education Achievement Authority (EAA) hasn’t had much good press lately.  The district, made of Detroit’s worst performing schools, got its test results back and the vast majority of students “failed to show even marginal progress.”  Then the district made national news when a … Continue reading

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2014 Top 5 Threats to our Democracy- You Will Never Guess Who is #1

Share2014 Ranking (2013 Ranking) #1 (Not Ranked) Out of Touch Progressives-  Progressives generally are less interested in being part of a large bureaucracy like a political party, a corporation, or a megachurch. Maybe because bureaucracies promote a top down flow … Continue reading

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More Money in Politics as opposed to in Your Paycheck (Graphic)

Share Sources: Enrolled Senate Bill 661 House Fiscal Agency Analysis of Senate Bill 661 The State News minimum wage article Bureau of Labor Statistics minimum wage report Detroit News editorial in the Denver Post on the minimum wage Economic Policy … Continue reading

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Northern Michigan is No Woman’s Land

ShareIt’s tough being a progressive in Northern Michigan.  Republicans hold every Senate seat and all but two House seats.  As bad as it is to be a progressive, it is even worse to be a woman.  If you draw a … Continue reading

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Warrant Issued for CEO of Company that Fled Michigan for Florida’s Tax Breaks

ShareMichigan Populist reported in June that BlueWare, a company that left Michigan to capture Florida’s tax giveaways, is being sued by the Florida County of Brevard.  Now, BlueWare CEO Rose Harr, a lobbyist named William Matthew Dupree, and a former State Representative and clerk … Continue reading

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Posthumus Lyons is Michigan’s Least Ethical Legislator

ShareRepublican Representative Lisa Posthumus Lyons, who calls herself a “proud product of public education,” chairs the education committee for the State House.  She made headlines most recently with her quip “pigs get fat, and hogs get slaughtered” in reference to teachers … Continue reading

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Company that Shunned Michigan for Florida’s Tax Giveaways Now Being Sued By Florida County

ShareIn May of 2012, a company called BlueWare, or anyone of a number of ”affiliate” names, announced it was relocating its company from Cadillac to Melbourne, Florida.  Melbourne, located in Brevard County, is in an area of Florida known as the ”space coast” because it is home to the Kennedy Space Center.  The space … Continue reading

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House Republicans Move Forward Anti-Teacher Legislation Despite Objections From Almost Every Educational Group in the State

ShareThe House Education Committee passed a bill today (HB4625) that would institute merit pay for new teachers or for those wanting to opt into the merit pay system.  The bill would become law when the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness, whose members are all … Continue reading

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Showing the Math: Republicans Interference with Collective Bargaining Does More Harm Than Good

ShareIn 2011 Michigan Republican Legislators passed Public Act 152.  The law capped the amount of money a public employer can pay for its employee’s health insurance.  The law also impacted people who choose not to take the health insurance and instead take a cash amount in lieu … Continue reading

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