Five Great Contemporary Economic Justice Songs

If you’re like me, you are still seeing too much red from the recent mid-term elections to think clearly.  So, let’s talk about music instead of elections.   In the past few years, I have stumbled on five great songs with economic justice themes.  Three of the five artists are from Michigan, and one is from Wisconsin and plays shows in Michigan each year.  If you enjoy these songs, you might be interested in knowing that the progressive conference known as Netroots Nation has kicked off a fundraising effort to bring “today’s protest bands and artists into the national spotlight again.”  You can help them reach their goal by going to their Indeigogo page and contributing to the cause.  Thanks for listening.  Now take a listen.  

Artist: Mute Flutes
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Song: American Dream
Best Line: “Some say the government has come to save us.  Some say the government is here to steal.  Well then I just keep on working and paying all these bills: I am a cog within this corporation’s wheel.”

Artist: Willy Porter
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Song: How to Rob a Bank
Best Line: “Some say I’ll need a driver, a Nixon mask and gun,
but let me tell you brothers and sisters that’s not how you get a bank job done.
You can’t walk in there brazen with an Uzi like Patty Hearst.
I’m gonna secure myself a seat on the board of directors first.
That’s how you rob a bank.”

Artist: Drew Nelson
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Song: Promise Land
Best Line: “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa that’s how it is.  Just gettin’ by is the plan. Welcome to the world of the working poor.  Here in the promise land.”

Artist: Keb Mo
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Song: More for Your Money
Best Line: “Way back then daddy had his own business.  He was a self made man; he was independent.  Then they opened a store that took a city block.  What ever you need you know they got. It was a high price to pay to get more for your money today.”

Artist: Joshua Davis
Location: Traverse City, Michigan
Song: Working Man’s Hymn
Best Line: “Some people hungry for the green back bill, some folks hunger for the top of the hill, some people just trying to get a decent meal. I know that we can turn it around.”

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