Public School’s 2% Increase Will Feel Like Only a 1/2% Increase

Governor Snyder recently released his 2013-14 budget.  School districts breathed a sigh of relief when they heard they would be getting a 2% increase instead of the rumored funding cut.  Schools are getting used to funding cuts.  After all, the per-pupil foundation allowance was actually less this year than it was during the 2006-7 school year according to a Senate Fiscal Agency report.   So the news was a pleasant surprise even though 2% is likely less than the cost of inflation.

There is a catch though.  Schools in Michigan that receive the minimum foundation allowance will get an increase of $34.  That brings the minimum foundation allowance to $7,000.  That is actually only a 1/2 percent increase.  Districts that already receive more than the $7,000 per-pupil foundation allowance will not receive an increase at all.  It appears that the much of the missing 1 1/2% promised amounts to retirement costs that the state is not passing onto schools.  It is a bit like saying something is on sale because you did not raise the price.  At the current rate of funding increases, public schools will reach the funding level of Governor Snyder’s daughter’s private school in the year 2068.

Per Pupil Funding

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